“Robert’s many years of patient guiding and coaching have given me confidence in my future and my ability to make good short and long term financial decisions.”
Alan, 46-55

“I have used Robert Gothard for many years as my financial adviser and have always found him responsive to my needs. He has given me sound advice regarding my portfolio. Not being a risk taker later in life Roberts advice had provided me with a strong sense of security but at the same time giving me good returns. ”
Daile, 65+

“Robert responds quickly and thoroughly to any queries I make. He visits us to minimize any inconvenience a particularly essential and helpful part of his service.”
Daryll, 56-65+

“Robert is always prompt, efficient and well prepared for our consultations. He is focused on our unique requirements and we feel comfortable in accepting his advice which is always backed up by research and comparison.”
David, 65+

“We have been clients of Rob for approximately 10 years. In that time, Rob has helped us in many ways such as Insurance and saving for retirement. Over this time we cannot speak highly enough of Rob and his expertise as a Financial Planner. His experience, ethics and honesty is above reproach. ”
Debra, 35-45

“Robert has been my financial planner for about 10 years and has been totally professional and client-focused. He appears to be committed to ensuring that my financial needs are met, particularly in respect of my allocated pension fund and the advice given is in line with my risk management profile and the stage of life that I am currently at.”
Doreen, 65+

“Robert has been a listener from our first meeting, explains the strategy and implements it without fuss, his communications are constant and relevant, he provides secure peace of mind.”
Ian, 65+

“Robert has been my financial advisor for more than ten years, he see through change of circumstance in my life, he has given me advice on remodelling my financial situation, which has help me tremendously. it is always nice to have someone there to lend you a helping hand when you needed.”
Irene, 56-65+

“Robert is always available to talk to me whenever I pick up the phone. He follows up with information he sends about the questions I have asked him and the topics we have covered. I admire his knowledge and his work ethic. I am happy that he is handling our finances.”
Kenneth, 65+

“Robert does an exceptional job at communicating everything in an easy to understand fashion . His attention to detail is outstanding . He has been a real asset to me with his guidance in all matters financial .”
Michael, 56-65+

“Robert is conscientious & thorough.  Any query is dealt with promptly.  He is trustworthy & takes a genuine interest in providing the best advice to suit our circumstances.”
Susan, 56-65

“He is very helpful”
Richard, 65+

“Rob has given us confidance in our financial future by his knowledge, advice and honesty in presenting our situation ”
Victor, 65+