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How to Guides 2024

How to track total super balance
Your total super balance impacts how much you can contribute to super. Here are the key things you need to know about the total super balance and how to track it…. Read more

Steps to claiming a tax deduction for a super contribution
You may be eligible to claim a tax deduction if you make a personal contribution to superannuation. There are some important steps and specific timeframes that you need to follow carefully….. Read more

How to monitor carried forward concessional contributions
You may be eligible to make concessional contributions that are greater than the annual cap if you haven’t fully used your concessional cap in an earlier year. This could help you to save even more for retirement, while also managing tax….. Read more

Accessing non-concessional contributions information on myGov
Non-concessional contributions include personal contributions made to super from after-tax income or other available savings. Limits apply to the total NCCs that you can contribute to super without exceeding your contribution limits. To help avoid breaching the cap, you can access contribution information on myGov….. Read more

How to monitor the transfer balance account
When commencing or maintaining a retirement phase income stream, it’s important to ensure your transfer balance account doesn’t exceed your transfer balance cap….. Read more


Changes to tax cuts from 1 July
The Government has passed legislation to amend the tax cuts which apply from 1 July this year. The changes are explained below, along with some things you may wish to think about to help maximise your savings…… Read more

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card may provide a range of benefits and concessions to people who have reached Age Pension age, but don’t qualify for an income support payment…… Read more

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