Investment Philosophy

Markets Work:

Markets throughout the world have a history of rewarding investors for the capital they supply.  Companies compete for investment capital, and millions of investors compete to find the most attractive returns.  Markets quickly incorporate information from this competition into security prices.

Structure Determines Performance:

Decades of financial research have identified dimensions of higher expected returns in the global capital markets.  Portfolios can be structured around these dimensions, which are sensible, backed by data, and cost-effective to pursue in diversified portfolios.

Diversification Is Essential:

Diversification is an essential tool available to investors.  It enables them to capture broad market forces while reducing the uncompensated risk associated with individual securities and increasing flexibility in trading.

Invest, Do Not Speculate:

Traditional investment approaches strive to beat the market by taking advantage of perceived pricing “mistakes” and attempting to predict the future.   Too often, these approaches prove costly and futile.  Predictions go awry and managers may hold the wrong securities at the wrong time, missing the h3 returns that markets can provide.  Meanwhile, capital-based economies thrive – not because markets fail but because they succeed.

Focus On Your Plan:

An investment plan based on science of investing frees you to focus on what matters.  Let markets work for you by taking advantage of sensible, well-diversified, low-cost portfolios backed by decades of research and practical experience.  As your financial advisor, we can help create an investment plan for you.

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