Congratulations to Robert Gothard

On 19 July 2023 the School of Business – Western Sydney University awarded Robert the:

  • Apt Wealth Partners Award in Financial Planning – Top Graduate, and;
  • WSU Deans Medal Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning – GPA7

Thank you to everyone who has supported Robert in completing the legally required, Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

Even with over 30 years of experience and being continually recognised as one of Australia’s preeminent Financial Planners, the effort required to achieve these outcomes was phenomenal and we all celebrate in his achievements.

A Dean’s medal is awarded to students in recognition of their outstanding academic performance in their course.

Western Sydney University (WSU) uses a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) to measure the academic performance of individual students in order to acknowledge excellence and determine recipients of Excellence Awards.

Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is a number that represents the average of your grades achieved throughout a single degree.

Western Sydney University calculates GPAs on a 7-point scale, with 7 being the highest grade possible (and achievement of it is quite rare).

Deans Robert Photo
Deans Medal 02

Appreciated responses from Clients

  • Congratulations Rob, It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving client focused and dedicated advisor! All the best.
  • Very impressive!  Well done.
  • Hey Nerd, Congrats. A massive achievement.
  • Congratulations Rob, we knew you were good this just now proves why we have held you in high esteem all these years.
  • Sincere congratulations. I know you studied hard and spent many hours completing this course. Well deserved.
  • Rock Star ⭐️
  • Congratulations Robert 😊
  • Wow Robert, massive congratulations. I know how much hard work this was, so really pleased that you have this recognition.
  • Well done to you and to Donna for being right by your side as your biggest supporter.
  • Congrats Rob, awesome achievement!! Glad you are our financial planner 🤗
  • Congratulations Robert.
  • Congratulation Robert, Well deserved. I look forward to a “high distinction” return on my super moving forward!😊
  • Congratulations on your award, Robert.
  • Congratulations Robert, deserve it for all your hard work.
  • Congratulations Robbie, well deserved mate!
  • CONGRATULATIONS ROBERT!! Great achievement.
  •  Hope you had a great night.
  • Congratulations Robert, what a fantastic effort.
  • Well done Robert 🤗👏🏻 awesome achievement 🤩👍🏻
  • Think we might keep you. Congratulations on such an incredible result. I was happy with a conceded pass and a deferred. Hope it feels like all that hard work and significant frustration was worth it.
  • Congratulations! And top grades as well.
  • Congratulations on such outstanding results and the award of the Dean’s Medal. I have never seen so many High Distinctions.
  • Heartfelt congratulations and I’m sure well-deserved Robert!
  • Well done, Robert.!!
  • What exciting news.  A big Congratulations to Robert obtaining the Deans Medal and Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. You and your boys must be so proud.  It is indeed a big commitment to undertake with heaps of study and dedication. Our best wishes and wonderful celebrations,
  • Congratulations Robert, A very nice recognition.
  • Wow! What a fantastic result! Congratulations Robert! (And Donna 😁). Now hopefully you’ll get more sleep.
  • Great effort Robert! I know it was a pain getting there!
  • Congratulations! Hard work pays off.
  • Well done Robert & well-done Client Services Manager
  • Good on you Rob, that’s great news.
  • Hi Robert, Congratulations to the Dean’s Medal WSU – GPA7 Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.  What an amazing achievement🏅 Super well done.👍🏼 Hope you celebrated your success. Congrats 🎉🍾
  • Rob, heard the good news regarding graduation and Dean’s award – that’s Awesome! Congrats!!
  • Congratulations on your fantastic achievement in receiving the Dean’s award for your Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. A great reward for your extremely hard work.  Terrific!
  • Congratulations Rob, a well-deserved recognition for your dedication.
  • Congratulations Robert!  You are always my favourite adviser😊
  • Congratulations, well done
  • Robert, Congratulations on the receipt of the Dean’s Medal. We’re sure that it is well deserved.
  • Rob, That’s an amazing effort. You should be very proud.
  • That’s great, congrats.
  • Congratulations Rob. Very well deserved!
  • Brilliant news mate, congrats.
  • Congrats Rob!
  • Congratulations Robert!
  • Well done on a great achievement Rob!
  • Congratulations Rob!!
  • Top of the class, well done!!
  • Hey Robert, Congratulations!!!!!!!! Impressive, glass of champagne , cheers!!
  • Legend Rob – lots of hard work on top of running a great business. Great work.
  • Congratulations Robert. Well deserved.
  • Congratulations, what an achievement!
  • Congratulations Rob. I know you have worked really hard to achieve this.
  • Well done Robert!
  • Congratulations Robert!! Well deserved.